5 Herbs The Keep your Vagina Wet

5 Herbs The Keep your Vagina Wet

Don’t suffer in silence about not having the healthiest and wettest vagina. Instead, begin to incorporate a regimen of steaming and daily tea drinking to increase your estrogen, which will make your yoni nice and juicy like you want it to be.

Check out these five herbs that are known to increase estrogen and give you that Wet-Wet.

Five herbs that assist in a wet vagina.

Marshmallow Root is a fantastic herb for women because it relieves vaginal dryness and inflammation related to any vaginal infections. When your vagina is juicy, it is also healthy, and Marshmallow Root will assist in this process.

Calendula protects the skin, and you can also use this flower for vaginal dryness. If you have menstrual issues such as cramps or a delay in your cycle, Calendula is an excellent herb for women.

When used in tea form or as steam, Chamomile reduces odor and increases lubrication by acting like estrogen in your body. If you want to tap into your feminine power, use this flower regularly.

Red Raspberry Leaf can be used daily to balance your hormones. When your hormones are balanced, you will experience increased libido, and your vagina will be naturally juicier and healthier.

Hibiscus rids yeast’s body, which is the leading cause of dryness, itching, and pain in the vagina. In addition, the hibiscus increases estrogen and removes yeast in the vaginal area of the body.

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