The Practice of Steaming

The Practice of Steaming

Womb Steaming is a sacred practice for women wanting to restore the Goddess Energy within. Every woman has a supreme intelligence that a regular steaming practice brings about. Womb, Yoni, and Vaginal Steaming are promoted for sexual benefits while skipping the health benefits. Steams get marketed by people and businesses to increase wetness and increase the sensation of orgasms by allowing more blood flow to the clitoris and vagina. (W.A.P.)  Although this is true, this is not the intended way to use the steam by the ancient women who initially used this practice. 

Cleanse and restore the power of the Goddess.

She is waiting for you to unleash her!!

The practice of steaming, combined with shadow work, meditation, and journal routine, will restore the connection with your inner Goddess. 

Unleash a brand new life. Restore the Goddess!!!

Steaming is not a one-and-done; it is a lifestyle, your womb requires a commitment.  


Womb steaming is the practice of using steam that carries the natural essential oil of the dried or fresh herbs to the exterior tissues of the vagina (vulva). The warmth and moisture open the pores allowing an increase in circulation to the vulva, causing it to open up and expose the inner labial mucous membranes. These tissues are very porous and absorbent, allowing the herbs to infuse their benefits. The result is a healthier and deeper connection to self, your inner Goddess.

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