These herbs are cheaper than 'Plan B' and easier than an 'Abortion'

These herbs are cheaper than 'Plan B' and easier than an 'Abortion'

An Emmanagogue is an herb that stimulates, regulates, and normalizes menstruation. 


Emmenagogues work by increasing blood flow to the uterus and pelvic area.


Abortifacients are herbs that induce abortion.


Mexican people have used these plants to bring on their periods if pregnancy is suspected. In Mexican culture, the absence of menses is treated as a disease because menses helps remove bad blood.  


Many emmenagogues are widely available from health food stores, grocery stores, and alternative medical professionals.  


There are several reasons why your menstruation may be delayed. Sometimes you may be overly stressed, have a poor diet, or even have a medical problem.  


Using emmenagogues can help women regulate their period or bring it on when it is close but not happening. 


Women who want to control the timing of their periods may use herbal preparations to regulate their menstrual cycles. Birth control does the same thing, but some women may not want to intake hormones into their system. 


Menstruation can also be delayed due to pregnancy, and emmenagogues are sometimes used as an abortifacient. These herbs will stimulate your cycle if you are not pregnant. However, if you are pregnant and take these herbs, they can cause an abortion and be dangerous.  


Please talk to a pharmacist or doctor to discuss herbal preparations if you think you are pregnant.  


Abortions are not a modern invention; for thousands of years, women have used a variety of plants to prevent or terminate the pregnancy.  


As technology, politics, and religion has come more into the public forefront, the power of abortion has been given to pharmaceutical companies and doctors. As a result, over the years, women have lost the knowledge to control their fertility. 


Before recorded history, women had control over when they became pregnant. Only in the modern era have women given complete trust in their gynecologists.  


In colonial times midwives handled birth but also contraception. However, because of their extensive knowledge of herbs and benefits, they were labeled witches and burned, so that knowledge could not spread. 


You should take Emmenagogues within two weeks of conception. As a general rule, the herbs are safer and more effective earlier in your pregnancy, so time is essential.  


If herbs are successful at this early stage, then menstruation is likely to occur at the usual time.  


A Small List of the best emmenagogues:  


* Angelica 

* Black Cohosh 

* Blue cohosh

* Lemon Balm

* Pennyroyal

* Chaste berry

* Wormwood 

* Mugwort 

* Motherwort 



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