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Asè Box - The Columbian Exchange Group
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Asè Box

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An Asè Box is a monthly supply kit for magical practitioners, healers, and regular people.  In life we need supplies and deciding which supplies we need is often difficult.  This is where your Monthly Asè Box comes in.  Let Mama Mystic curate a monthly spiritual supply box with all your spiritual needs.  You save time and maintain a clean energetic space perpetually.  

It is often stated that cleaning the energy of your house should be done as often as cleaning your house literally.   Our Asè Boxes are designed to cleanse the energy and raise the frequency of any environment.  Every month is a different box and every month is pay as you go no strings attached. 

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2 Choices: Goddess of Magic

An Asè Goddess Box includes:  Goddess Steam, Incense, Handcrafted Candle, Palo Santo, Oil of the Month, and Herb of the Month | Mortar and Pestle and Cauldron (Items will vary and can contain items from AltarCreations and Goddess Throne and Herb)( May include items not listed) 

An Asè Magic Box includes Altar Spray, Voodoo Queen Cleaner, Palo Santo, Specialty Sage, Herb of the Month, and Oil of the Month | Mortar and Pestle and Cauldron (Items will vary and can contain items from AltarCreations)( May Include items not listed)

Can also get the box without the Mortar and Pestle and Cauldron. Choose the option below.

If you're seeking a specific item please let us know. 

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