Mama Mystic's Voodoo Queen Cleaner
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Mama Mystic's Voodoo Queen Cleaner

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Negative energy in the home is like trash it accumulates over time so if you have not done a spiritual cleansing in your home then this product is your go-to and must have.  

Voodoo Queen Cleaner is a spiritual cleaner that was handcrafted by Phoenix Nova.   Removes: Negative energy and spirits from the home, office, or sacred space. Highly Concentrated must dilute with water for it is a very powerful cleaner, very little is needed.

Use when Florida Water, Sage, Palo Santo does not work.  Use for stubborn spirits or stagnant energy to begin to live a free spiritual life.  

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Customer Reviews

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This product smells like it works. I usually don't buy other people's products anymore, because I am experimenting with making my own. But I wanted to test it out because of the rave reviews. Well let me tell you! I would STILL purchase this product again in the future. It has a smell that is a combination of herbs and antiseptic, but nothing that would turn you away from smells great, to be honest. I used this to clean my floors, and the entire home smelled so wonderful. Well done, Mama Mystic; I feel like you know what you're doing!

Jennifer Johnson

I love how potent it smells I can’t wait to see the results.

Ziaire Jordan

Mama Mystic's Voodoo Queen Cleaner

Kami Hill

The voodoo queen cleaner made my house feel so energetically clean and peaceful.

Dawn Taylor

The voodoo queen cleaner would keep a herd of hungry zombies far, far away. Not sure what is in it , but it works.

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