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Chakra Nova

Chakra Nova

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Paperback or Paperback Deluxe

Within every person exists greatness, spiritual knowledge, and psychic abilities.  To access this hidden ability, one has to activate their CHAKRAS.  Each Chakra is different, and there is a way to activate your CHAKRAS easily and effectively, which will allow anyone to tap into their POWER.  

CHAKRA NOVA can show a beginner, spiritual master, and just about anybody that can read how to activate their CHAKRAS.  

This book will put you on the course to tapping into your power, your ability to heal yourself, upgrade your health, restore your energy, understand your emotional reactions, increase prosperity, as well as increase your psychic ability.  

With an easy-to-read writing style, simple exercises with illustrations, and guidance to activate Kundalini from the ROOT to the CROWN.  


  • Well Researched and sourced information to bring about a strong understanding of what chakras are and how to activate them
  • Kundalini Yoga exercises are associated with the 3 lower chakras to assist with experiencing your KUNDALINI over just reading about it.
  • This book is written with people who have never heard of a chakra, but that same person can benefit from an awakened CHAKRA SYSTEM.

The message of CHAKRA NOVA is that YOU ARE THE BOOK.  This is the last book you will need because you will finally know how to READ yourself.  

THIS BOOK WILL ACTIVATE YOUR KUNDALINI.  Each chapter deals with the Major Chakra and Associated Endocrine Gland, by understanding your body and spiritual concepts, you realize that the human body is THE SOURCE FOR ALL OCCULT AND ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE.

By meditating on your body, you enlighten the path that is for you.  Isn't that better than following everybody else's spiritual path? Chakra Nova is the only way you'll know.  

Paperback is a 165 Page Book

Journal is a 74 Page Book

The Deluxe Comes with a Paperback, Journal, and a Hard Drive with 7 Lectures and Guided Meditations to Assist in your Chakra Activation Journey. 




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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Extremely Grateful Hood. I know your reasoning for making this available goes beyond just being nice. I'm just supremely grateful that I'm able to understand myself. I know this will facilitate clarity. So Grateful To and Momma Mystic and the whole family 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you and I'm going to pour back

Get this book!

If you are looking for a digestible, easy to follow instructional manual for understanding chakras and their particular functions, I HIGHLY suggest this book. I never really understood chakras or chakra work until now. Kyree simplifies the information and makes it relatable to the reader. It's easy to think that things in our life are out of our control when its possible that you just need some chakral understanding to aid the healing process. I am currently using this book as a reference guide to compliment Kyree's chakra course.

U Are The Book

Once U know this from self-reflection and reading U will continue to flourish and grow!

@Daarq Blemish
This Book truly a Gem 💎

I keep reading the same two chapters over and comprehending them differently every time.
This isn’t overbearing or filled with lofty words and terms.
I really feel like it’s me grabbing the knowledge straight from the Cloud. Appreciate this brother fr he got no idea. BUY THIS BOOK IF YOU WANT TO KNOW YOU FRFR!

Wendy Winters

Chakra Nova