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Class Recording | Solar Plexus Chakra Activation | Alchemic Academic | Chakra Nova

Class Recording | Solar Plexus Chakra Activation | Alchemic Academic | Chakra Nova

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This class is an easy and effective way to safely activate your Solar Plexus.  A 90 minute Course, a Handbook, and guided meditation to make this process as simplified yet powerful as possible.  This course will detail the exercises, supplements, and meditations necessary to activate one's Subconscious Mind.  Once your Sacred Energy is fully activated you are tapped into a cosmic intelligence with no middle man.  You are guaranteed to have an inner experience of activated Solar Plexus continuing the Rising Kundalini with all the spiritual power that comes with it.  


Youtube Video
Solar Plexus Coloring Book
Solar Plexus Handbook
Full Lecture and Meditation Video
Full Lecture and Meditation MP3
Lecture Only Video
Guided Meditation Only MP3

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Customer Reviews

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louis rodriguez
Solar plexus chakra class

This class is masterly put together as are the sacral and root chakra classes and I have not come across a better more indepth class on chakras. This is not your basic info you find on the internet and I highly recommend seeing for yourself. You won't be disappointed and grow in the process. Salute to Hood Mystic and Prime Harmonic peace and love.

David D Johnson
Great book

Hood this book is uplifing Bruv. $alute..✊🏾