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Lions Mane & Niacin Capsules

Lions Mane & Niacin Capsules

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Super Stack | with PU$$Y POPPER$

250 mg capsules X 30 

These $TACKING, $UPPLEMENT CAPSULE$, enhance the mind while helping restore neurogenesis. In addition, combining psilocybin with Lion’s Mane and Niacin helps each supplement work better.  

Lion’s Mane is a white mushroom “known to support brain health by stimulating nerve growth factor (NGF), which prompts the production, growth, and maintenance of neurons.” It also may have anti-inflammatory and heart-related benefits.  

Niacin is essential when micro dosing because of the Flushing function. According to the Microdosing Institute, Paul Stamets “reports that the majority of neurogenesis occurs in the nerve extremities; since niacin works as a flushing agent and carries the molecules of the other compounds across the blood-brain barrier, so it helps with the distribution of these important molecules.”

In sum, adding psilocybin with Lion’s Mane and niacin may reduce anxiety and irritability, enhance cognitive functions and creativity, increase socializing, provide a greater general sense of well-being, and reduce the effects of aging. These benefits can also lead to secondary effects such as a boosted immune system.

Niacin Flush

What is Niacin | Niacin or Vitamin b3 is an essential vitamin we should all be getting in our diets. Vitamin B3 is one of eight B vitamins known as Niacin or nicotinic acid.  

You can use it to supplement this critical vitamin in your daily diet. When ingested, B3 helps your body convert food to energy. Other essential things Niacin does is produce key sex hormones, decrease inflammation, and boost blood circulation.  

So what is a niacin flush? Niacin side effects can include a niacin flush when someone temporarily experiences red, warm and tingling, burning, and itchy skin after taking a niacin supplement. Flushing happens because the capillaries expand and increase blood flow to the skin’s surface. A niacin flush is a typical visible reaction to high doses of Niacin or a niacin overdose. It can look and feel somewhat like a sunburn, but it typically begins 15 to 30 minutes after taking Niacin and lasts only about an hour. The flush is considered harmless, but it can be uncomfortable.

For specific health concerns, some people intentionally take higher doses of Niacin, also referred to as a niacin flush, because they are flushing their bodies with Niacin. 

However, taking Niacin is not recommended if you have: a hypersensitivity to vitamin B3, a liver disease; ulcers peptic (ulcer of the stomach or duodenum); gout; alcoholism; external blood pressure; or decreased kidney function.


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Customer Reviews

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Tanya Spears
Lion Mane Niacin Stack

Definitely a life changer. I get upset quick, however with this combination I think before I react. Mood stabilizer. I absolutely love this product. Shipping fast,come with information guide. And they will answer your questions about the product. Definitely keeping these with me at all time. Gratitude for the product. My 1st time for the flush and I love it.

My First Stack....

I felt the benefits of this product immediately-problem solving mentality kicked in over staying in a depressed state, there is a presence of chill that continues to encourage me step back as I respond to situations instead of reacting in word, thought , and/or deed. I will continue its use and look forward to macro dosing as well. The niacin flush? Don't play wit' it....

David D Johnson
Lions Mane & Niacin Capsules?

This is an excellent Product and I highly recommend this item for purchase!!!👍🏾👍🏾👏🏽👏🏽👁💯

Great Product

I love these! These have helped me alot with mental clarity in my daily routine.

Lovely 😍

Peace. Love the capsules! Energy on GO LOL. . Feeling calm and patient at the same time 💯💪🏿