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Parasite Cleanse Bundle

Parasite Cleanse Bundle

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Mugwort and Wormwood Tea

Black Walnut Hulls

Noni Fruit

Quassia Bark

2 Oz. of Mugwort and Wormwood Tea Blend (Optional)

Our Parasite Cleanse Bundle contains powerful anti-parasitic herbs Quassia Wood, Black Walnut Hulls, and Noni Fruit. Each capsule has a potent 200mg blend to help rid your body of parasites and promote good digestion. Noni Fruit is a nutrient-rich ingredient that provides abundant antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support overall health and well-being. Get your bundle today and start your parasite-free journey.

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Customer Reviews

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This product works!

My stomach often makes all kinds of noises throughout the day. However, since I have started taking this combo I have noticed the sounds have stopped and I don't feel bloated or gassy. I will surely reup once I run out. This stuff really works.

Brittini Bell
So far so good

I’ve been taking the capsules for a couple weeks now. I definitely notice a difference with my gut health. I don’t feel as bloated as I normally do. It’s probably due to microdosing in addition to the parasite cleanse but I feel like I’m less on bullshit lol. My decision making has improved as well.